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Ristorante I Priori Tarquinia



Our restaurant I Priori “the lost taste” takes its name from the Palazzo in the context of which it is located, precisely, Palazzo dei Priori which is located next to the thirteenth-century former church of S. Pancrazio, today it is an auditorium. The building consists of four towers (core of the towers) of the century. XII which give it a majestic aspect of a fortified building.

The I Priori restaurant, which occupies the base of one of the towers, is back from a careful restoration and conservative work under the careful supervision of the Superintendency for Environmental and Architectural Heritage, due to the historical and artistic bond to which it is subjected the building.

Inside the restaurant there is a so-called butto (drainage well) of the historic center, from the Middle Ages, now used as a cellar.

The restaurant constitutes the central building of the widespread hotel where guests meet for continental breakfast and where they can book lunch or dinner.

The restaurant I Priori “the lost taste invites you to a gustatory experience exclusively of traditional Tarquino / Cornetan and Tuscia dishes, with local raw materials, proposing to amaze you with the use of Carnelian, ancient fruits rediscovered and offered in several variations. Dogwood and fruit were already used by the Etruscans. The dogwood also gave its name to Corneto, the ancient Tarquinia and still today after over a thousand years, still stands at the center of the municipal coat of arms. The dishes, although traditional, are brought up to date and are presented in the style that distinguishes chef Andrea Papa.

On the walls there is a suggestive exhibition of views of the Borgo di Corneto, works by the talented local artist Giuseppe Cappellacci.